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CS:GO Sulfurious

1. Скачайте и распакуйте архив
2. Открыть CSGO
3. Убедитесь, что инжектор и DLL находятся в одной папке
4. Откройте инжектор и нажмите enter.
5. Нажмите «Insert» во время игры, чтобы открыть меню.

Active - Master Switch
Friendly Fire - Aimbot at teammates
Backtracking - Shoot enemies up to 200ms in the past
Auto Pistol - Auto fires pistol when held
Key - Activates aimbot while pressing the key, LBUTTON is recommended
FOV - The field of view where the aimbot will be operating
Smooth - The smoothness of the aimbot. Higher = Smoother
RCS - Recoil Control System. Higher = More recoil compensation
Hitbox Mode - Where the aimbot will target
Show Spread - Visualizes weapon spread

Active - Master Switch
Delay - Delay before triggerbotting
Key - Activates triggerbot while pressing the key
Hitchance - Chance of hitting enemy
Filter - Hitboxes where the triggerbot will fire

Active - Master Switch
Team Check - Only enable visuals for enemies

Death ESP - Toggles ESP when you die
Box - Draws boxes around players
Name - Draws names of players
Health - Draws the health of players
Weapon - Draws the weapon of players
Skeleton - Draws the skeleton of players
Chams - Changes material of players to a bright visible colour
Glow - Glow around players
Bomb Carrier - Shows who is the bomb carrier
Show Backtracking - Visualizes backtracking

Bomb - Draws dropped/planted bomb
Grenades - Draws labels on grenades
Dropped Weapons - Draw dropped weapons on the ground

Hands - Changes material of your hands
DLight - Light under players
Defuser - Shows who has a defuser
Grenade Trajectory - Shows grenade path
Radar - Show enemies on radar without spotting them

No Visual Recoil - Disables the visible recoil
FOV - Increases your field of view, 0 to disable
VFOV - Changes your viewmodel FOV beyond the limits
No Flash - Disables flashbang blinding effect
Remove Scope Border - Disables the rendering of scope border
Sniper Crosshair - Enables a crosshair for snipers
Recoil Crosshair - Shows the recoil patterns when you shoot
Streamer Mode - Disables visuals and watermark
Streamer Name - Hides your real name, do it when in-game before opening scoreboard

Bunny Hop - Always hit bunny hops
Auto Strafe - Auto strafe when bunny hopping
Night Mode - Makes the world dark
Hitmarker - Draws a hitmarker when you shoot a player
Hitsound - Sound played when shooting a player
Spectator List - Shows who is spectating you
Reveal Ranks - Reveal player ranks in competitive
Auto Accept - Auto accept matches
Enemy Purchases - Shows what enemies buy at round start
Slide Walk - Self explanatory
Disable Post-Processing - Disables postprocessing effects
Tooltips - Toggle tooltips
Sulfurious Clantag - Self explanatory
Chat Spammer - Spams in chat
Configs - Save and load configurations
Death Slowdown - Slows enemy deaths
Death Gravitation - Gravity of death
Red - Red ambient lighting in the world
Green - Green ambient lighting in the world
Blue - Blue ambient lighting in the world
Unload Cheat - Unloads the cheat
Custom Clantag - Set your own custom clantag
Animated Clantag - Set an animated custom clantag
Custom Name - Set a custom name for yourself
Delay Packets - Delay packets sent to server

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